Think Blue, Count 88

At the  main staircase’s rest await visitors headphones resting on a rack. In front of them disguised as a window hatch with a small peephole. Both are an invitation to immerse yourself in the space issue is doing at that moment the crew of Cordwainer Smith story “Blue thinking until two count.”

“Before the great ships whisper among the stars at the hands of the planoforma, people had to fly from star to star with immense sails: huge armed membranes in space on a long rope, rigid and cold test. A small boat space provided enough space to handle a sailor sails, check the path and watch the passengers who were tightly enclosed in their little abiabatic capsules , huge knots in thread carried by the ship. The passengers knew nothing: they slept on Earth andawoke in a strange new world 40, 50 or 200 years later. ” “Blue thinking until two count” Cordwainer Smith, 1962.

The goal: to remind us of the sense of hearing and potential construction of visual images: “The restriction on the perception of the work is intended to enhance the care and length of experience and the enforcement of the audio material over the visual. It also interacts with the story that was inspired APH88C, Blue Think up two counting Cordwainer Smith. “

Observers navigate a universe resulting from the confluence of Smith and Azzigotti proposals.The artist’s proposal takes the form of a video as a temporary score and visual, it generates a spatial and temporal organization timbre of sound materials in this case refers to implementing extended techniques on a grand piano. The video is itself an exploration of shapes, colors and shapes of the instrument inside.

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“Relating the inner vision can be an instrument with its sound, and putting it into play together in an audiovisual work. The sounds are sometimes associated with the action that produces them, but sometimes only symbolize the idea of trajectory and travel linking with the image itself always in a slow and ample movement. The materials are inspired very loosely on an old tale of Cordwainer Smith, and Paul Linebarger (1913-1966) called “Think Blue, Count Two” Objeto A.