• 2019 Perfomance Lab [networked performance], UNTREF, visits of Jack Adler Mckean [UK], Émilie Girard-Charest [CA].
  • 2018 Artistic Director of TACEC [Experimental and Creation Center Teatro Argentino de La Plata]
  • 2018 TACEC FESTIVAL, Artistic director of the first edition with visit of Simon Steen Andersen , Trio Catch, Severine Ballon and Eblis Alvarez.
  • 2018 Creation of TACEC GENERACION, an educational and reciprocal series of workshops at TALP.
  • 2018 Black Box Music Tour, Concerts in La Plata, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, with pieces by Simon Steen Andersen, Carolina Carrizo, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Ricardo Eizirik.
  • 2018 Performance LAB, [updating the orchestration knowledge to XXI century] , UNTREF, visits of Peter Veale (ob), Claire Chase (fl), Severine Ballon (Vc) and Marco Fusi (vla).
  • 2016 container , nomade music platform , with actions in Badajoz, Buenos Aires and Géneve
  • 2015 Nadar Ensemble in Argentina, general producer.
  • 2015 SCIME [Extended music concert series] visits of Michael Maierhof and Rei Nakamura to Buenos Aires
  • 2015 Exit F, artistic director of Maierhof’s piece in Argentina
  • 2014-2016 conDiT@untref, masterclasses for UNTREF Music Department : Stefan Prins, Karin Hellqvist & Heloisa Amaral, Rei Nakamura, Coro Cámara Siglo XXI, Mei Flautas.
  • 2014 Escrituras Argentinas, comissioned by Ciclo de Música Contemporánea Teatro General San Martín
  • 2013 Artistic Director of the Composition Prize Gaudeamus Argentina with Modelo62 ensemble, conducted by Ezequiel Menalled.
  • 2013 Institute of Sonology day , general producer, with Gabriel Paiuk [conDIT, Buenos Aires]
  • 2011-2016 conDiT [ Concert’s series of the Technological District] platform creation. 64 concerts, 10 international seminars, 4 international composition calls.
  • 2006 Magma concert music series.


  • 2016 musiki. system operator of the wiki for musical knowledge.
  • 2012-2015 Espiral Magazine, musical thinking around conDIT.