luciano azzigotti
Cronémicas [Chronemics] , 2013

for three percussion players

based on «Les guetteur de sons»at the workshop with Georges Aperghis
and Christian Dierstein
@ Impuls 2013, KUG Graz, Austria

dedicated to
Aleksander Wnuk, Victor Barceló & Roberto Domínguez

Chronemics is the study of the way we use time to communicate.

As if the crosmodal polyphony between gesture, word and emergence of semantics, the idea of chronemics is to organize macroformal interval of time with this policronic structure:
Main inspiration of this piece is how to confuse the moment when communication is achieved.
For that, I ‘ve used the concept of chronemics in a methaphorical way. By dividing the organization in three different levels:
Interactive chronemics: hug, greeting, face-to-face interaction as it happens on conversational turn-taking, interruption, etc.

Conceptual chronemics: is the sensation of time in relation with cultural behavior. For example, it’s a common place to say european and northamerican cultures are monocronic, puntual, lineal, segmented. In oposition, latin time could be seen in a policronic way, but less precise and disordered.

Synchrony as puntuallity and drunk-rythms behaviors as policronic could be a starting point on this translation.

Social chronemics: Is the way time is subordinated to differents actions or modes, work time, talk time. It’s a macro point of view of interactive chronemics. Could be used in general character procedures as rallentandi and accelerandi in relation with emerging semantics of other layers.