Acelerador Dispersor de Realidad

acelerador dispersor de
realidad [Wirklichkeit beschleuniger dispergierers] for n musicians, performers and public in an augmented space
luciano azzigotti [2012] instructions
ADR is an action musical score defining a space. Its proposes different
actions and interactions between agents modulated by
surrounding, found objets, and constructed memories.
The score is made of colored lines and zones. When an agent is intersected by a line or trapped inside a zone, the action must be triggered.
Each color represent a unique kind of action:
following the line direction or walk randomly inside the zone.
walk in the line until find a mate
pronounce the already constructed memories previous the performance.
colors | moral values | sensation | dispersor | names of agents | counting-singing | biodramma
hug & hum
play an object
the space is filled of sound and estrange objects