• epinikia & agonistics

    instructions The Epinikia are the odes to the athletes, songs that poets like Pindar composed generally by comission in order to praise the memory of the winner's biographies. Moreover, in the lyric, to all situation that generates a struggle between two characters thus establishing the basis for action. Agonistics refers in one hand, to the sportive quality of competition in pursuit of a goal (agon), or to the driving force of creation and self-improvement. In this game, the poet and athlete are the same person, so agonistics and epinikia requires of a versatile player fed by fatigue and poetry. Se genera un sistema cerrado en donde los atleta-poetas turnan sus roles en pos de un objetivo común, el encuentro de la sincronía y la resonancia de un único objeto musical. Information premiered on December 17th 2011 by Nonsense Ensamble Vocal de Solistas, at conDiT.cheLA 2011 3