• osmos

    "In the grapevine yard, Azzigotti found a vessel was an inspiring element to carry out an audible and interactive installation. Since the beginning of the Paleolithic, during the time of the Greeks and until today, this container/head contains memories that will be broadened throughout the exhibition." Graciela Taquini

    OSMOS _Brief Description

    OSMOS is a site specific interactive sound installation. A place that can remember the voices sounded in the past. This memory is organized in two states. At reaching the installation place, public hear a continuous organized whispering spacialized in ten audio channels around the patio. In the center, an antique ceramic vessel has a sign remembering old greek epigrams like those founded in the entrance gates of temples and public institutions. When visitors get closed to the vessel and start to talk, the first state of the installation stops. The vessel begins to light in response to the amplitude of voice. When they shut up, after a while, the installation start to process this information and second state starts. This recent voice that has come to the place, is converted to a subtle whispering, and played around the cubes. The time organization on this state, is an logarithmic timed proliferation of remembering going from the newest until the first remembering of the day, all process lasting about 5 minutes. Then, the first state comes back. The sound is spacialized around ten cyphered cubes, giving the idea of trajectory, number, and border. The border is a concept that appears in many components of this work. First, because the work is inspired by the serendipitous encounter of a vessel, made of clay, material in between water, sand and earth. In the development of the work it was very important to find the most homogeneous way to fit everything in a place, trying to give more value to the experience of listening than seeing. The color and shape of cubes are complete visible when they sound, the same the vessel. This second state, the state of memories, can have an extremely long duration due to technical characteristics of this work. Also the way of selection of remembering can be done through a custom tool called PORE giving the idea that with this tool the process of the OSMOSIS of the place will be manage. There are different kind of PORES. The most simple one is the software that control the playing-recording of voices based on the noise threshold of the place. Most sophisticated pores include Memory Manager controlled remotely on internet, AI voice recognition software to sculpt a memory in a specific group of words, or Algorithmic Composition Software. Technical Requeriments .A outside open space of at least 10m2 specially a garden, roof, terrace or patio wheres the place give an intention of obscurity and instrospection. .Electricity Connection. .Internet connection. Provided by the artist. .4u rack (16x16x12 inch) with computer, amplifiers. .Vessel with mic, light, microcontroller. .10 cyphered ceramic cube speakers