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The set of work is very interesting, although  Luciano Azzigotti’s work ( Qualia ) is more clearly cutted  by the complexity of its surface or its musical actions, a non crowded complexity, but expressive and highly ambiguous, with veiled melodies and some bergian quality , whose dialogue with some tradition turns it  at the same time highly original.

Federico Monjeau. “Valioso estímulo a la composición” Clarin Espectáculos Domingo 19 de diciembre de 2010


A key element of the proposed sensory experience proposed by these works  is sound design the artist developed with Luciano Azzigotti


Ana Maria Batistozzi. “Malestar que no cesa” Clarin Ñ, Lunes 1 de noviembre de 2010


Pereda made editing the videos along with Ferlat and worked the soundtrack with Luciano Azzigotti , crucial to the work’s outcome . With a successful balance between the sounds recorded in natural areas and electroacoustic ones, soundtrack, reworked especially to suit the requirements of the space, empowers  suggestion of images, both with that other form of silence sometimes prove to be the sounds of the wilderness or the echo of a mighty thunder that accompanies the extreme solitude of the landscape of the Puna.


Diana Ferández Irusta. “Los hilos terrestres” La Nación, Arte, Sábado 22 de mayo de 2010


Thus arose, mix of fiction and reality, “The time of water”, the impressive video installation, with unforgettable soundtrack by Luciano Azzigotti. A gem.

Marina Oybin.”Rituales antes de volver a la tierra, Clarin Ñ, Martes 18 de mayo 2010


Also released from the restriction of the subject, but not so much from technological seduction, Luciano Azzigotti choose to open the game of interactivity from a vessel that calls to  imagine translating ancient and future records of their voices, nothing else.

Ana Maria Batistozzi, Clarin Ñ, Sábado 6 de septiembre 2008